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About Kate

Here’s the short version…

I’m the girl who sells racecar parts at my company, Crate Insider.com.

After securing thousands in sponsorship, and selling millions online, I now share this knowledge with others.

For racers, I have my Winning Motorsports Marketing program, where I teach about marketing and sponsorship for race teams. And for entrepreneurs, I teach them how to start an online store and build a website with my Zero to Ecommerce course.

Here’s the longer version…

Because you can’t sum up a person into just a couple of paragraphs. There’s always more to the story.

I grew up in racing. My dad was a racecar driver. But I was a girl. So I wasn’t super drawn to the racing industry. Or at least I didn’t think I was. I went off and got a degree in Interior Design, and worked in architecture for several years. But, one day, my dad and my brother called me.

They had a racing trade show. And they asked for my help. I packed my bags and moved from Idaho to North Carolina.

Because no matter what job I do, or what my job title is, I always end up in sales and marketing. So I landed back in North Carolina, and I just figured it was going to be like a sales or marketing job.

But then something happened. I went to a dyno test. And keep in mind, I had been away from racing for many years. But that moment, when that engine started up… for me, it was like the smell of grandma’s apple pie. That sound rang in my ears. And my thought was “Honey, I’m home.”

And it has been on ever since. When the trade show ended, I had an idea about having a website for racers with crate engines. I worked with a couple of partners, because I certainly didn’t have the expert tech knowledge. Now, none of us knew how to do a website. I just figured, “hey, It can’t be that hard, right? I mean, you just hire a web guy. And he or she builds website and boom, there you go.”

Well, it wasn’t that simple. The web guy fired me halfway through the project. Maybe I was too demanding. Or maybe it’s because his wife saw me and was all jealous and didn’t want him working with me. Yeah, that happened. But regardless, halfway through the project, I was left with an unfinished website and I had a choice.

Do I figure it out? I couldn’t afford to hire anyone else. Or do I quit? Well, I decided to suck it up, figure it out and make it work. And that is exactly what I did.

Well, within six months. other businesses, other manufacturers were looking at my website and asking me questions about websites. And I gave them my recommendations. But that first company said, “Well, can you just do it for us?” And that’s when I started building online stores for other businesses. I don’t do as many of those anymore. It did inspire me to create my program Zero to Ecommerce so that I could teach others how to start and build a websites.

The next need I saw in the racing market was racers struggling to get sponsorship and struggling with marketing themselves. And that’s when I was inspired to create the program Winning Motorsports Marketing. I reached out to my friend Holly Henry, and brought her on to help with some of the content. And together we filmed the Winning Motorsports Marketing program. It guides racers through the process of going from no sponsors, to getting sponsors taking care of sponsors marketing themselves and attracting sponsors.

There you have it. And when I’m not working, you’ll find me kayaking on a flat Lake, reading business books, traveling, or drinking a Bloody Mary.

I’m Kate Dillon and it is nice to meet you. Thank you for being here.

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