Quilts in Progress – February 2024

I have been overwhelmed with joy to see how many people have liked and commented on my last two videos about quilting. Therefore, I’ve decided to share about my quilting more often and I am kicking things off with a works-in-progress video and post. I really didn’t do much sewing in January as the month was filled with travel and work projects. But I definitely got back to fun sewing in February.

The Stars quilt that needs a name

I was inspired by a quilt image I saw on Pinterest.

I’ve been wanting to create a quilt with gold and rust fabrics for awhile and once I saw this design, it felt like a great fit.

I haven’t decided what to call this quilt yet, so I’m looking forward to seeing suggestions from viewers.

I’m planning to use this quilt in my living room, so I’ve sewn two grey star blocks that will become matching pillows.

Something I enjoy adding to my quilts is making the backs interesting. I have the back completed and my next step will be to put the layers together and quilt it.

Maple Syrup Quilt

This is a top that I completed back in 2023. Once it was done, I just didn’t love it, so I put it off to the side. In the video, I talk about creating an interesting back and finishing the quilt.

I figured out the problem. The setting feels too old fashioned – not vintage, not retro, but like the designs we want to forget from the 80s.

Since shooting the video, I have decided that I am going to pull the top apart and rework the entire thing.

Village Quilt

I’ve been wanting to make this quilt ever since I saw it. It is a free pattern on the Moda site.

I am having a lot of fun making these little houses. My intention is to donate the completed quilt as a charity project during the Hickory Women’s Expo. My brother and I are show organizers and we like having a charitable component with some of our shows. My current thought is to use this quilt to sell raffle tickets and raise money for an organization that helps women with breast cancer by providing transportation to their appointments. The organization really needs a new van. I’d love to help them.

Conclusion and Thank you

Those are my 3 projects in progress for February 2024. I’m so very grateful for all of the positive feedback I’ve been receiving regarding my new quilting content.