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3 Ways to Generate Content Ideas

Are you new to content creation and don’t know what content to start with? Or are you at the point where you can no longer think of the topics for your future content? If your answer is yes, then this blog is for you! Keep reading as this can help you generate content ideas for your website.

It’s a real struggle to become consistent in creating content especially if you’re running out of ideas. Sometimes it even slows you down in the process. None of us wants that to happen. That’s why I created some techniques on how to improve this area and I’m happy to share that I’ve successfully built a quick and simple process for this.

Here are the 3 ways that you can add to your content creation process. Regardless if you’re using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., you can check these options and see what works best for you.

Categories in a Bucket

Look at the general things that you’d like to talk about and make them your categories. Use different buckets depending on how many categories you have. This helps you think of numerous sub-ideas where you can pick the topic that you can use as your fresh content. Write down your idea on a piece of paper and put it in the proper category bucket. Create as many topics that you have in mind and pick the best topic that you want to start with.

Post-It Notes Method

This just follows the same concept of writing down your ideas in a notebook or putting them in a bucket, only that you have a board where you stick in your post-it notes. As soon as you have categorized your main and sub-topics, you’ll end up with a visual representation of your whole content ideas. This leads you to a clearer path of your content ideas.

Write Ideas with a Timer

This practice is my favorite among the others. It’s obviously typical to sit down and write but what I make as a habit is setting a timer while writing my ideas. I set a 15-minute timer whenever I think and write down my ideas. Thinking about your content ideas is really time-consuming therefore setting time management is crucial in this process. Try to write as many ideas as you can. This is the process that I use whenever I do my VEDA, Vlog Every Day in August, challenge. It’s absolutely effective and fun! I also create a content calendar to plot my content schedules.

Bonus Idea

Ask Your Viewers – In order to expand your content ideas, try to reach out to your viewers and ask them questions that will gather topics for your next content. I usually asked questions by engaging my audience to share their thoughts in the comment section or what videos they like to see next. Through this, you can directly gather the topics for your content in the future.

Use #holidays – This is ridiculous but they are social media staples these days. Look at the upcoming #holidays and see if there’s anything applicable for you.

Regardless of how you generate your content, it is important that you still show up for your audience and deliver the message that you want to share with them. I hope these concepts will be helpful for you to generate more ideas. Check out my other marketing blogs where I covered numerous topics about social media, email marketing, and more.

Which way is your favorite?  Leave a comment.