Feeling Overwhelmed? Check This One Tip (Maybe Two)

When I wake up in the morning, I just take one step at a time.

Everyone of us have different hats to wear. In my case, I have different businesses to run that even 24 hours in a day are not enough to cover them all. If I were to think, how am I able to manage all of this? I know, being overwhelmed can hit any one of us when there are too many things to do and not enough hours in a day. But here’s what I wanna share with everyone that could help you when you’re feeling overwhelmed. 

If I was really to make a list of all of the things that I could be working on and things that need to be done, I could be easily overwhelmed. And when you get overwhelmed it is paralyzing. You would sit and think but you end up clueless on what to do next. It’s scary and crashing at the same. 

Here’s my tip.

There’s nothing to be gained by being overwhelmed. We may have 100 things to do at any given time, when you sat down and thought about it, it could really get you overwhelmed. Instead of doing that way, I take things one step at a time. This is part of my morning routine.

Look at your list, check which among them which is the most important. Start from there and work one thing at a time. Try to structure the things that you’re doing to make sure you’re not on a crisis management. 

Celebrate small victory.

When you get overwhelmed, it looks like there’s no finish line and it feels like it’s going to be forever. But I’m a strong believer in celebrating small victories. Reward yourself! Treat yourself with a little bit of a treat. That way, you will feel that you’re not in the drudgery of it forever despite of waking up the next day seeing the rest of your to-do list. 

I hope this is helpful for you when you feel overwhelmed. I’d love to hear how do you deal with having overwhelm and how do you reward yourself. If you like this blog, checkout my other blogs that could be helpful to your productivity.

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