Gratitude Leads to Opportunity | How It Can Lead to Sponsorship

What are the things that you are grateful for? Whether it’s personal, career, family, or even by just simply waking up today remember that there are lot of reasons to be thankful for. And I wish everyone never take things for granted even the smallest ones. So here I am writing a blog that would testify how grateful I am everyday.

My Gratitude
For me, gratitude is how I run my business. Today I’m sharing a huge personal win and it’s one that was a direct result of expressing my deep, heartfelt gratitude. Before, I really don’t know how to do Facebook ads and the only person who showed me the way was Rick Mulready. He’s very famous in the whole digital marketing space. I decided to buy his course, “Facebook and Instagram Ads Foundation”, because I know he’s an expert when it comes to Facebook ads.

Through his course I created my first ad and I couldn’t believe the result. It was just few days later when people start signing up for my “Sponsorship Success Road map”. I also started meeting other members of the group. Aside from that, I was so happy because he also invited me on his podcast. It was a quick transition from being a student to being a featured guest on his podcast.  

Gratitude turns to opportunities

This is just a proof that when you’re grateful it let other people see you differently. And when they do, it opens up more opportunities for you. It has brought me more opportunities than I would have ever imagined. In my case, it makes other people start working with me.   

I’m so much grateful when I know that people learn from me. When they learn from the videos that I’ve been doing. Personally, this is the essence of being grateful when you know that people spend portion of their to watch your vlogs. Just like now, I’m grateful cause you’re here.   

Thank you for being here and I look forward to seeing any questions from you. Drop them in the comment section and I am more than happy to be able to answer those questions for you. Remember to do one thing today to show your gratitude to someone. And maybe another tomorrow. 

Pick up a copy of my 7 Tips for Sending a Sponsorship Proposal here.  

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