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I Just Got Knocked Out of My Comfort Zone

How can tell you if you’re already out of your comfort zone? What’s your metric to tell so? It might sound hard but everyone will come to a point where you’ll be pushed to get out of it. I was in a situation where I tried making new things. It’s a bit odd, challenging, uneasy, and it took a while to endure the process. But everything is worth it.

In this blog, I want to share how I was spontaneously put in a situation doing a thing that has knocked me out of my comfort zone. Until I realized that I’m fortunate it happened. I hope you’ll realize it too as you go along in this blog.

All the magic happens just outside your comfort zone.

There’s this course where I signed up to learn about growing my email list. It’s called List Building Accelerator by Growth Tools. I’ve been building my email list for several years already and I believe there’s something that I need to improve in order to make some progress in it.

We were assigned to have a coach in order to make a weekly virtual meeting. I was encouraged to take this course because I was guaranteed to have at least 100 new subscribers in my email list just within one month. Sounds a good idea, isn’t it?

The Challenge

I was really excited about the course not until we were given instruction. We were instructed to start texting people that were on my recent contacts. Surprisingly, these contacts shall be invited to our email list. We were all shocked! These people were not my market, so not in my life that I’m going to do it.

With me being a little irritated, our coach reminded me that our main purpose of joining the program is to be taught. So I did the challenge even if I was still uncomfortable.

I texted people on my phone inviting them to my email list. Facebook live is my thing so I utilized it as well asking them the same question. I sent messages to people on my LinkedIn, and joined other Facebook groups to invite members too. Surprisingly, it worked!

This challenge aided me to step out of my comfort zone, to do the things I thought I will never do when achieving my goals. It helped me to move forward in a different way. I’m sure it happens to you too, not just because of luck but because of your action.

Now, my question to you, what is the thing that knocks you out of your comfort zone? I challenge you to discover that thing yourself. And whenever you’re reading this, leave us a comment. I’d like to share more things that could help both of us to make a difference for ourselves. Sign up on our email list below!

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