Tips for Sending a Proposal to a Potential Sponsor

Are you a racer searching for the proper way of sending a sponsorship proposal? You probably sent a couple but ended up getting nothing. You may think about what’s lacking in it or realize that there could be something wrong with it. It could be frustrating but it’s okay, it’s part of the process. What’s good is you’re searching for how to improve the things you’ve ineffectively done.

Now that you have reached this part, you really are interested to learn things about sending a proposal. So let me get straight to the point and give you the tips for sending one to a potential sponsor. In this list, you may find them easy and simple but didn’t realize that you’re missing them when sending a proposal.

Tip #1 – Don’t send out proposal out of the blue

Don’t send out the proposal out of the blue. Try to talk to the company first, as much as possible, if you wish to make it really effective.

Tip #2 – Proofread your proposal

Proofread your proposal before hitting the send button. I get a lot of these where my name is indicated in the salutation but when you continue to the content, you’ll see different names instead. (Probably, it’s intended to someone that was sent out prior to sending the proposal to me)

Tip #3 – Provide value to your sponsor

Make sure you lead with value. Talk to the sponsor about what you’re going to deliver to them. If your proposal is just all about you, you won’t get a stroke of luck from it.

Tip #4 – Send it with the right file format

Do not send your proposal in a word doc format. This type of file mostly carries a virus and doesn’t promote professionalism. Plus, It’s prone to messing up the format.

Tip #5 – Use professional email address

Use a more professional email address because it adds up to how legitimate your profile is.

These are just some of the tips that I gathered from my own experience and from the different manufacturers I have talked to. If you wish to get more sponsorship tips from other racers, read here. I also cover other sponsorship tips that came straight from a manufacturer.

Lastly, I offer a free downloadable checklist that you can use every time you send a proposal to your sponsor. This will guide you to do the proper steps and the things that need to be considered. If you’d like to download my new 7 Tips for Sending a Sponsorship Proposal, click the button.

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Do you have other tips? Feel free to drop in a comment.