Can one person set up a gazebo

Let’s Find Out if One Person Can Put Up a Gazebo

I usually buy random things that I found on Facebook ads. This always triggers myself becoming an ultimate impulsive buyer. I hate it but it’s fun at the same time. It’s just proof of how effectively Facebook ads work. Some of these products were also included in my unboxing videos. Meanwhile, here’s my vlog of doing random things as well. Welcome to the random things I do!

Here’s the question that I can demonstrate and confirm in this video, is it possible to set up a gazebo by yourself? Let’s find out.

Isn’t it amazing, I was able to set it up myself! This was a fun project.  And I love my gazebo. I just wish that I was able to easily figure out the right way of putting it up. Probably, I put it just within one day.

2019 Gazebo Update

The gazebo from this video was destroyed in the December 2018 Snowpocalypse we had in North Carolina while I was out of town. I regret it a lot since I exerted a huge effort when I put it up.

I loved my last gazebo so much so I bought the exact same one.  It was tough to find, but I hunted it down.  And for round two of setting it up, I brought in a friend to help this time.

How about you, what random things have you done just by yourself alone? Share it in the comment section.