Wandrd VEER 18L Unboxing | Cool Packable Backpack

Who else can relate when I say how inconvenient an outdoor activity is when you have to carry some of your stuff plus your camera? I do, a lot of times. I love to travel, most of the time I bring my camera, my phone, and my other necessary gear since I shoot a lot of videos. And with this kind of setup, I always bring my suitcase plus a smaller suitcase for my easy-to-access stuff. Therefore, I don’t have other bags that I can use when I run around the town. This was my struggle not until I saw the Facebook ad of Wandrd Veer 18L. It’s an inflatable and packable backpack. I got it from Kickstarter, plus some other cool projects they have listed on the site. Head over to my video as I go over all of its features and accessories.

Wandrd Veer 18L backpack consists of the ff.:

  1. The backpack itself with water bottle pocket
  2. More pockets plus some loops for carabiner hooks
  3. Inflatable back panel
  4. Inflatable camera cube

The idea about this is you have a lightweight little bag that you can put in your stuff and conveniently run around the town. Plus, you never have to take it off of your shoulder whenever you get your things from it. I’m so excited to use this once I travel.

What do you think about the inflatable backpack? Do you think it’s helpful when you travel? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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