Let’s Support Local: My Farmers Market Finds

Whenever I am not busy, I always find time to visit the Farmers Market in my area, Rutherfordton, Forest City. You’ll definitely see lots of great stuff such as local-grower produce, artisans products, homemade seasoning, handmade soaps, fresh flowers, and more. These are absolutely better finds than those on the groceries. And I am excited to share things that I bought from the Farmers Market.

My Farmers Markets Finds:

  1. Sugar Snap Peas
  2. A Little Head of Cabbage
  3. Frozen Kielbasa
  4. Salad Mix
  5. Beef Stir Fry
  6. Pound of Ground Beef
  7. Raw Milk Butter
  8. Shirataki Mushrooms
  9. Rustic Lodge Soaps
  10. Dish Cloth
  11. Aunt Wendy’s Kitchen Book
  12. Onion Soup Mix
  13. Oregano
  14. Basil
  15. Italian Seasoning
  16. Artisans Napkin Holder
  17. Fresh Flowers

If you happen to know a Farmers Market in your area, I highly recommend visiting them. Try the products from our local farmers, craftsmen, and other small business owners. Follow Farmers Market’s social media accounts for the details.

Rutherfordton Farmers Market Facebook


I did this video to help promote the Farmer’s Market in my area.  I hope it will inspire others to post videos too! Check my other lifestyle blogs here.