Building A Personal Brand | Tips for Racers

Personal Brand

Everyone has his own definition of “personal brand” especially those people who are public figures. They invest a lot in building their personal branding. Some, genuinely show who really they are to the public while others try to filter and show only their good sides to get the support of the majority. However, before we dig dip into this topic, let’s define first what a personal brand is. Generally speaking, a personal brand is the skills, personality, experience, expertise, etc. that you establish yourself to the public. People generally accept, mostly, when the brand is authentic. And to put this into a simple definition, it’s what people say about you when you leave the room. How this can relate to your racing career? Let’s dig deep into that!

Be Aunthentic

A lot of times, you’ll hear in racing that in order to get sponsors you need to be a good guy. For me, it’s not just all about that. The truth is, being authentic does a lot better than that. If you are full of yourself, that’s totally fine because that’s who really you are. What matters in this idea is your ability to set yourself apart from the sea of racers. Just be real about it. Remember that villains do have fans too.

A little Piece of Personality

“A girl who sells racecar parts”, is one of my brandings since I do this for my business. Apart from that, I also talk about eCommerce and marketing for but at the end of the day, I am still a person who does random things sometimes. From there, you’ll learn that by sharing these random acts such as my day in the Farmer’s Market, unboxing items that I bought randomly, and other kinds of stuff, my audience will see my little piece of personality. I’m kind of random, and that’s part of my personality. See what are the other things I do that people would recognize me for my personal brand:

  1. I have a high passion in business and marketing
  2. I’m known for my Bloody Mary collection that I set up since 2013
  3. I like Kayaking
  4. Orange is my favorite color
  5. I’m a huge proponent of video

Here’s for you, racer!

What’s the implication of this personal branding to your racing career? Despite being a hardcore racer, let your audience see your personal interests. Try to step into the things that are outside racing cause this will help you to bring yourself to your fans and gain their trust. As your audience’s responses, some of them may tag you or will post on your Facebook page or Instagram for things that they have known you for.

Creating videos has a huge impact to connect to your audience, all the things that you’ll put together through videos will allow people to feel like they know you. This way it shares the message that you want to deliver and reaches out to other people that the message was meant for. Moreover, these people could be your fans, other potential sponsors, or manufacturers who would want you to promote their products. Any of these target audiences would be a huge opportunity, know my first-hand experience as I shared about it in this video.

What are the steps that you could take upon reading this blog? Hint: Just think of your interests and things that you genuinely love to do.