My Cataract Surgery | What It’s Like and The Results

I recently decided to do an elective cataract surgery, YES I said elective! My experience with glasses and contacts were getting to be too much lately. I run multiple businesses and have several hobbies. So having an issue transitioning my focus from a computer, to a phone, and to across the room was becoming a hassle.

After struggling with my contacts and trying to adjust my sight from variations of distances over the past few months, I remembered my doctor telling me about a possible surgery. This surgery was typically used for cataract patients, but could be used to remove my natural lens and replace it with a multi-focal lens. I took my eye doctor’s advice to replace my natural lenses, and guys…I am SO happy I did.

The process was almost like being at a spa. The doctors at Asheville Eye were so accommodating in their process. I was laid down in a comfortable space, and even offered a warm blanket. The procedure didn’t last very long and recovery was a breeze. I chose not to use anesthesia, so that definitely helped me recover quicker. I know what you’re thinking “NO ANESTHESIA?!”, and although the thought may seem scary, in my case it wasn’t. I was given numbing drops before the procedure and only ever felt pressure, not pain. Of course consult thoroughly with your own doctor before making big decisions regarding your health and recovery.