My Favorite and Fun Productivity Hack – The Timecube

Here’s a productivity tip that is fun. Limit wasted time and maximize focused time with the Time Cube. Start being more productive in work and in life.

Hey there, today I have a productivity hack to share with you that I think your gong to like as much as I do and that is, the Time Cube.

Now you look at this, it’s really simple and it has 5, 15, 30, and 60, on the side of it. Well, let me show you how this works. All you do, I have it sitting on my desk, and you can just turn it and it starts a five minute timer, because in this case we put the five up top. In order to stop it, you just turn it, it’s that simple.

So why would you use this? Think about on your phone, I’ve tried different apps, like productivity apps or even setting timers on my phone, and just the act of opening your phone, just to open it and then you find the app and then you set the time, all of that is precious seconds lost, and I know that sounds silly, but let me tell you how easy it is when you’re just sitting there and you just turn your time cube, it’s so simple.

Amazing Benefits

Email Management

And let me tell you some of the ways that I use this, because I use it for doing things that are going to be time sucks, I do it for limiting how long I spend on things and you also use it for times that there are things that I don’t want to do. So for instance, email.

Email can be like the biggest time suck in the world, I can be sucked into my inbox, I’m in tons of newsletters, I love the content, but if I really spend time on my email, it could be two hours later.

So a lot of times I’ll start my day, set my 15 minute timer and now I’m gonna blaze through my inbox as quickly as possible That forces me to do the really important stuff first and then anything that I would maybe want to do as a secondary. I also delete anything that I’m really interested in at that time.

Getting Strong Focus

Another way that I use this is for things that I want to do and I just want to focus on for a specific period of time. For instance, I like to read, and I might say, hey I want to read for 15 minutes or 30 minutes.

This way, I don’t have to look at the clock. I can just set my timer, whether it’s 15 or 30, or whatever, and then I can just focus and relax and do what I’m doing without having to watch the clock. That’s a great use for it as well.

Mastermind Call

Another way that I use it–I’m in a mastermind with some fantastic business owners and we have a mastermind call every couple of weeks and we decided that we’re going to limit a person’s time, a person is talking, we’re gonna limit to 20 minutes, so what we do is use the time cube to set a 15 minute timer, when that goes off, we know we’re down to five minutes and then I set the five minute timer. It is really simple, it has really made our calls so much smoother because we can do that.

Do Things That You Don’t Want To Do

There’s one other way that I use this. I use it for doing things that I don’t like to do. So one of those things would be, I really don’t like housekeeping and cleaning and that kind of thing, but if I can create a game out of it, then it’s a lot more fun.

In that case I will do a timer where maybe it’s a 15 minute, okay see how much I can get done in 15 minutes, then maybe I set a timer for doing something fun, whatever the case may be. Maybe I want to play some games or watch some videos or something, so I just go back and forth between the things I don’t like to do and the things I do like to do.

Turn off Everything, Create Content

One last thing is when I’m creating content and I want to turn off everything, I want to turn off the phone, I want to turn off email, but there again, I have lots of other responsibilities, so I can only turn it off for a certain amount of time, so in that case maybe I set the 60 minute timer and then I can just focus for that 60 minutes on just that thing, that’s it.


So it has really helped me be a lot more productive in my business. Oh, and these are … they’re really inexpensive, you can find them on Amazon. The time cube, it’s fun, but also helps you get more work done. I hope you enjoy this video, if you do, I hope you consider subscribing to my channel. If you do, I’ll see you in another video. Thank you so much for watching.