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My favorite daily news | The Daily Carnage

I don’t like many daily email newsletters, but the Daily Carnage is great!  Each email delivers actionable marketing strategies that I’m able to use for my business.

They cover marketing topics from social media to SEO and beyond.  There are also tool highlights, and I love seeing the ads from days gone by.

There's a Facebook Group too

I love the newsletter, but it goes beyond that.  There’s also a Facebook group and it’s a really fun place.  

Sometimes people post ridiculous ads they’ve seen.

It’s also a really helpful spot.  Marketers get advice from other marketers.  It’s a really supportive community.

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If you’d like to sign up for The Daily Carnage newsletter, use my referral link: https://carney.co/carnage-referral/?r=zA34Gz6

Let me know what you think

Leave a comment. Do you have a suggestion for an email newsletter I might like? And definitely let me know if you decide to sign up for The Daily Carnage.