Sales vs Marketing

Sales vs Marketing

Sales and Marketing go hand in hand, but they are very different. In my opinion, sales is much harder than marketing. What is your opinion? And which camp are you in? Sales or Marketing? Check out the video…

I started in sales.  It was my first real job.  Not just any sales, but cold call sales where you walk in the door and talk to a stranger.  I’ve been kicked out of many doors.

Today, I’m much more of a marketer.  And here’s how I see the difference:

Sales is a one-to-one relationship. Marketing is a message to many.

Sales means solving a particular problem for a particular person.  Sales is not conning or manipulating.  It is about solving problems.

Marketing is a message shared to many.

Bridging Marketing and Sales

One doesn’t necessarily lead to another.  The difference is developing the “know, like, and trust factor” with potential customers.  Marketing can create a desire, but they may buy from someone else.  Once there is a personal connection, it’s more likely that a customer will buy from you.

Why Sales is Harder than Marketing

One word – rejection.  When we’re marketing, we don’t feel the rejection at a personal level.

When we’re selling and someone tells us no, it feels more personal.

Sales is taking a chance on being rejected.  

Are you in Sales, Marketing, or both? Leave a comment.