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Tips For Building Your Email List

Growing an email list takes a lot of effort and process. I, myself, struggled in this area but not until I discovered a coaching group that has shifted my approach. I spent the month in this coaching program called List Building Accelerator from Growth Tools. Growth Tools is an online company that provides lots of free different tools that everyone can use. It has numerous marketing tools that are free and available. Let me share with you some tips for growing an email list and what I learned in the program along with some of the results I had.

I joined the Growth Tools email list building accelerator program to see if this is going to work and I was already prompted for a $100 fee for the program application. And if they didn’t accept me, I won’t be able to get my money back. Sounds risky, but believe it’s worth it. The program had coaching calls, three days a week. It was exciting and challenging because we had weekly homework too. But here’s the thing, if you didn’t do your homework on the first week, they charge you an extra $100. And this will be given to the charity, so fair enough. But on the following week that you didn’t do it again, you’ll be out of the program. There’s a lot of incentive and engagement in the program that would really work for everyone.

Now, let me shared with you the tips in building your email list based on what we did during our weekly tasks.

Tip 1: Reach out to your friends and family

In our first week, we were asked to reach out to 100 of your family and friends and invite them to your email list. Then I said, why would I do that if they are not my customers? I guess you’ll the same too, right? But here’s the reason why. Even though they are not your market and cannot sell the things you are selling, at least they know what you’re doing. From there, they can refer you to someone else. Moreover, it’s also a way to engage and get in touch with them.

Tip 2: Create a lead magnet

In the second week, they created a lead magnet for us and put it in our email so that our audience can download the file. It’s a downloadable file such as a checklist where you ask your audience to enter their email to download the file. In my case, not just I added it to my email address but I also posted it on my Facebook group. I have tutorials on how to create a downloadable checklist using and Mailchimp.

Tip 3: Start sending your email to the email list

Our third and final week has arrived. We are tasked to send our very first email to our gathered list. We gathered resource from our team’s different members. We’ve shared resources like checklist, eBook, and the like. Furthermore, even if we are already on our final week, we are still adding up emails of family and friends as well as posting the lead magnet in my Facebook group until our fourth week.

Now I can that this coaching was such an amazing experience and totally worth it. I’ve got a totally different approach that is more active rather than just sitting around and waiting for people to click your lead magnet. It’s such a successful project since I’ve doubled my email list.

What’s your best approach to building your email list? Share it with us in the comment section.