What Happened When I Posted the Same Video to 4 Social Media Platforms? | I Was Surprised

What happens when you post the same video to different social media accounts?

These results really surprised me.

Check it out.

Hey there. If you don’t know me, my name is Kate Dillon, and I run a business where I sell race car parts online, and I also teach about business, ecommerce, social media, and I talk about video quite a lot. Now this week, I ended up doing an experiment, and when I set out to do it, I didn’t even know that I was doing an experiment, but I have such crazy results that I just want to share them with you. So here’s the premise is I have one video, and I put it onto four different social media channels, and I want to explain to you the results that I got. So again, I didn’t mean to do this as an experiment, so it’s not exactly the same parameters, the video does not have the same title throughout. It’s slightly different and I will explain that in a moment.


So the very first place that I put this video was I put it on my YouTube channel, and on my YouTube channel I have 77 subscribers, and that video, as I speak right now, has 13 views.


Now, around the same time, I also posted it to IGTV because I’m really looking at, that’s a brand new area right there, is IGTV and Instagram, and on Instagram, I do have 1365 followers, so 1300 followers, and that video currently has 11 views.


Now we move on to my Facebook page. Facebook has been really my home on the Internet for so long, it’s how I’ve built my race car parts, business, and keep in mind this has nothing to do with race car parts. This video I’m talking about e-commerce, and specifically, I’m talking about the Sears bankruptcy, and how I feel like that is going to help business owners, or it’s just a perspective for small business owners.

So I post this to my Facebook page. Now that Facebook page only has 45 followers. However, I took that same video, and I just posted it in the one place. I posted it on the page. I then shared it over to my group, and my private group has 40 members, and then I also took it from my page and I shared it to my friends list, and my friends list is 4,977, almost 5,000 friends on there. Now you would think with all of that, guess how many views I have? I have 55 views. So still more than YouTube, still more than IGTV, but now I’ve got a really big surprise.


I have kept my LinkedIn profile generally updated, but I’ve always thought of LinkedIn as kind of the place if I needed to look for a job, or maybe connecting maybe B2B, I think it’s important to keep it updated regardless, but I thought, “Oh yeah, somebody was talking about LinkedIn the other day, and since I am talking about this year’s bankruptcy and I’m talking about ecommerce, this really does seem like a video that will be applicable to that market.

So I decided to post it onto LinkedIn. I’d never even posted a video on LinkedIn before, but here’s the shocker. I have 503 connections, 505 connections there on LinkedIn. So far, far fewer than my Facebook, far fewer than IGTV, but quite a few more than YouTube. But here’s how many views that video got. It got 320 views. So let me show you here on the screen.

The Results

So there’s my youtube channel. You can see that it has 13 views. We go back over to my Facebook page, you can see that I have 55 views right here. And then when we go to LinkedIn, I have 321 views of my video. Serious, serious shocker, you guys. Oh, and let me bring up this screenshot here. This is from my IGTV channel, and you can see that I’ve got just 10 or 11 11 views right there.

So just if you think outside the box, maybe give this experiment and try yourself, and next time I do this, I’m going to make sure that I have the exact same titles, the same descriptions, and it’s not exactly the same video, it’s exactly the same all the way through until the end piece. So on YouTube, I ask people to like and subscribe. On Facebook, I’m asking people to like and share, and over on IGTV, I ask them to follow my profile, but other than that, it’s all the same. So anyway, that is the result of my experiment this week. Crazy results. I’m going to see if I can replicate it with the next video that I post.


Hopefully, this is valuable to you. Thank you so much for watching, wherever you’re watching from, and I hope I can connect with you. Have a great day.

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