What is Digital Marketing?

After attending the most recent Internet Summit, it reminded me of how little I knew about online marketing when I first launched my website.  I’ve decided to create this video series to define and discuss the terms I’ve learned along the way.  Tune in each week on YouTube to see the latest episode.

Hi, there. Today we’re talking about digital marketing and what that really is. I just came back from the internet summit in Raleigh, and this was the fourth time I’ve attended that event. It really took me back to the very first time that I went to the internet summit and how much it just absolutely transformed what I was doing online with my business. I want to, of course, help you with that as well.

Digital Marketing

So when I got started I didn’t even know what digital marketing all included, so what is digital marketing? It is basically anything that you do online to promote your business or sell a product, and that includes, well, your website of course, content you decide to post whether it’s videos or articles, social media, any of the search, how you make yourself found on Google as well as all of the paid advertising and special things that we might do for mobile or text messaging, instant messaging. There’s just so much out there right now.

I’m starting this series, Talk Like a Marketer, because there are so many terms and I want you to be way ahead of where I started in this business. So tune in each week. I’ll have a new video posted on Wednesday of each week, plus I’ll have some more videos that I just kind of put up randomly. If you like this video, give it a thumbs up and go ahead and push that subscribe button so I’ll see you next time.