My Word for 2021

What Is My Word For 2021?

Why have a word?

I wanted to do this video, because using a word of the year helps me plan and define what it is I want for the next 365 days. Back in 2018 I picked content for my theme. While I didn’t keep up as much as I wanted to, I did put out a good bit of content between then and now.

2020 Word of the Year

My 2020 didn’t start with a word, or theme. Honestly, even if I would have it probably wouldn’t have worked out, because…you know…2020. I really reflected on the previous year and decided that the theme of the year was definitely adapt. Like most businesses, we had a lot of changes.

Even if I would have planned, those plans would have had to be changed, or adapted. The year still ended well for me, I started a new business and moved forward in a way that I absolutely wouldn’t have seen.

2021 Word of the Year

As I was reflecting, I really wanted to shift gears to what I want to be a big year for my businesses. 2020 brought new opportunities that I am excited about, and what I want to do with these projects for 2021 is elevate.

My plan is to take these projects and bring them up to a new level. That is going to include my video quality. For example, I am currently taking a class now to learn more about my cameras. My racing part business is always at the forefront, so I will continue to update and elevate my store to bring my customers more value.

I am expanding in the Racelogic Chassis School by taping and recording three classes this year, instead of just one like last year. I hosted a trade show this year with only a few months of planning and it was a hit, so this year I will be elevating those plans for the next show coming January, 2022. Even through the pandemic my Airbnb did well, so I am looking to acquire a second Airbnb.

Saying Yes

Saying yes typically means saying no to something else (video on that coming soon), so I don’t see myself saying yes to many more things this year. However, I will be saying yes to continuing to elevate my Racing Insiders Podcast and other channels.

What do you think about the whole word of the year thing? Have you tried it, or do you have a word of the year? I would love to hear from you and get your thoughts!

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