What Website Is Best For My Business?

I get a lot of questions about websites, one frequently being…”What website is the best?”. Well, truth is there is no one size fits all website. Whether your website needs to help you sell physical products, digital products, get audience for your blogs, or run a podcast, the best website for you depends on your purpose.

Where To Start

Once you have decided what kind of service you will be offering with your website, there are a sea of options you will be presented with while researching your fit. It can be a bit overwhelming, but in this blog, I have narrowed down the playing field for you.

Physical Products

When you use your website for selling physical products, start there and work everything else around it. If you’re on an eCommerce category, I recommend using Big Commerce. I personally use it and love its overall function. Therefore, if you like to try it out Big Commerce has a free trial. Click here!

Informational or Digital Products

Selling informational or digital products, such as online courses, software, apps, etc can effectively be done on website too. In my case, I have used Teachable, Thinkific, Kajabi, and more. Among these, I am personally using and loving Thinkific. If you would like to get started with Thinkific for free click here!

Podcasting and Blogging

When it comes to podcasting and blogging WordPress is my main. I know, starting out can be tempting to go with a free site, but I have found that WordPress is a gem as it can be able to do so many things  when it comes to publishing podcast and blogs. 

Most of us who’s starting a website may have a difficulty in choosing the best platform to use. Though the most important thing is to know what you want to do with your website and why you want to build it. If you like this blog, check out my other and racing podcast.

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