Where I Get My Best Ideas

There’s a big question that I wanna ask everybody, where do you get your best ideas? Is it when you are in school, in an office, when talking to someone, or most probably when you do research? You might definitely answer one of these options. However, I have a little secret to share though this might sound crazy. Though let’s remember that bright plans sometimes really come up from weird things. 

I get my best ideas in the shower. 

Getting my ideas whenever I am in my bathroom was my little secret cause I thought I was alone. I am sharing this with you today cause I know I’m no longer alone doing this. There are times that I lost a few of my ideas cause I couldn’t remember them once I got out of the bathroom. And if you’re experiencing this as well, I have discovered a new way to take note of things even when taking a shower. Aqua Notes saves the day! I have found it on Amazon.

I know, it’s weird and funny but it is absolutely effective. We don’t know where and when we come up with great thoughts so you must be ready, even when you’re in your bathroom.

You may want to grab one and try it! If you’ve enjoyed this blog, check out my other unboxing blogs

How do you get your best ideas? Leave a comment.