How to create a new blog post using Elementor website builder

Have you tried creating a WordPress blog post using its website builder? Did you know that you have several options to choose from in order to level up your blogs? I tried different page builders and there’s one that stood out, Elementor. 

In this blog, I’d like to share with you its features and how easy it is to use in building a blog page. Do you want to hear a hint? Elementor is amazing!

Classic Editor

When I was creating my first few blogs, I used the classic editor of WordPress. It was very simple yet it needs you to have enough understanding about codes and HTML editing. This has taken away a lot of my productivity time. Still, I loved the classic editor cause it’s where I started, but I’ve switched to a lesser complicated option. 

Drag and Drop Page Builder

Among the different drag and drop page builders that are available to plug into your WordPress, Elementor has been my favorite. In fact, this has changed the overall appearance of my blog, enhance our creativity, and increased blog productivity due to its smooth drag and drop features.

Let me walk you through how I created a great blog from scratch. And I’m gonna show you a bit demo on the usage of each block.

Overall, Elementor is my preferred website builder with my website. It’s easy to use, very flexible, and fast. It has a lot of cool features that make it easier to create a post. But if you’re running out of content ideas, check my 3 Ways to Generate Content Ideas.

If you have also used Elementor, what’s your favorite part about it? Or do you have other plugins that are best for you? Name it! Let us hear your feedback by commenting below.

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