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How to Make your Audience a Hero to your Story?

How do you tell a story to your audience? Most of us present ourselves as the hero in the story. We always present what things we can provide our audience with. Our main target is to highlight who we are to our audience. Most of the time we forget what our audience can get from us.

Let’s identify what we are missing to tell our audience that they are the hero of our story and not our business. You may be wondering why and how to do it. With that, let me share with you a great book that I have read — It’s The Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller.

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller

The Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller is a great framework for marketing your business. It’s a proven solution to business owners struggling with how they should talk about the business. The book dives into what exactly you need to effectively connect with your customers and grow their businesses. Let’s enumerate the 7 universal elements to make your audience feel that they are the hero in your story.

7 Universal Elements

  1. Developing the character
  2. Define your audience problem
  3. Be guide with a solution
  4. Create a clear plan
  5. Give a clear call to action
  6. Discuss the potential failure
  7. End the story with success


This book helped me a lot with my business on how to properly tell stories. I’ve been effectively using this tool. The end question that you may be asking is that why do we need to tell it? The answer to this is simple. Our brain is wired to listen to stories, we can easily remember facts from stories and remember them for years. This book is incredibly helpful and I’d highly recommend it.

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