Why Building Your Audience Is So Important

Why Building Your Audience Is So Important

Building an audience is such a big part of promotion, otherwise who are we promoting to?

For Starters

I recently had a conversation with a racer and they mentioned that they were going to use last years proposal. He had mentioned that nothing is different, so he can just change the date. That was a red flag for me, because we should always be growing.

Why It Matters

One important aspect to communicate with a potential sponsor, is how big your audience is. Who you have access to, is who you are planning on giving your sponsor access to. Is there a way that you can reach an audience that they’re unable to reach directly, or that you’re going to have more power in actually influencing? Otherwise, how can they promote through you and get a return on their investment? If you don’t go into the stands, if you’re not making personal appearances, how many people are you really going to influence? And how can you make an impact?

How You Can Start

Growing an audience isn’t hard, and thanks to new software, it isn’t very time consuming either. There are many ways to build an audience, but the core piece is just showing up on social media. Most social media sites have ways of scheduling posts, so make a day of it and batch as many content pieces as you can.


After you have established a solid audience you should know when to seek out sponsorship, find out when is a good time to seek out sponsorship by clicking here.

For help building a proposal, and learning marketing for your race team check out the Winning Motorsports Marketing website.

I also have a lot of tips for business owners and anybody who wants to do marketing, that is also helpful for racers even though it’s not always written exactly for racers. So definitely check out the rest of the blog while you’re here.