Facebook Ads

Hair Extensions Tutorial because Facebook Ads Work

Welcome to my first beauty tutorial. No, I’m not a beauty blogger and have never tried hair extensions.

Have you wondered if Facebook Ads work? If the fact that I randomly bought hair extensions because I saw a Facebook ad, then the answer is yes.

Okay, so you might be asking yourself, why I … On this channel, I talk about digital marketing and I talk about e-commerce, so why are we talking about hair extensions. Let me tell you what happened. Yeah, just between you and me what’s happens, I have a weakness. I am super weak when it comes to when I wake up first thing in the morning and I’m scrolling through Facebook and I see videos of cool stuff, all of the sudden I have to have it. I don’t know why I have to have it, it is my weakest moment. So today I am sharing with you one of my weak moments. I was not shopping for hair extensions, I just happened to be on Facebook.

So if you’re wondering if ads on Facebook work, I’m telling you they work. So here we go.

I have this package now. This package, it came from somewhere in China. I mean, this is one of those where they tell you like, “Hey, free product and you only pay for shipping.” I can’t remember how much it was, it was like $7.99 or something like that and so I buy it. I mean, why the hell did I buy hair extensions, I don’t know. So you’re gonna open this here. So I’m gonna rip this open here. Okay, and I’m sure that that’s what’s in here, who knows. I mean, the other … I’m pretty sure that’s what’s in here.

Alright so, this is what we have, right here. This is what we have. Oh my God, this is gonna be so terrible. This is gonna be so terrible. Alright, well let’s have fun with it anyway. I mean, I tried to pick the color of my hair based on the colors on there. I’ve never had hair extensions so I don’t even know. Like look, that is so … I don’t know, it kind of sort of blendsish. I can see myself, I’ve got a monitor right over there and so I can see myself and this is … Look how luxurious I could look. Alright, well let’s have fun with this and let’s just see what happens here.

There’s no instructions, there’s nothing in here. Nothing in there.

And we’re gonna figure this out. And I’m not a beauty blogger, I’m just showing you the ridiculous things I end up buying because I just see cool things in the scroll on Facebook and like, “Oh look, it’s free, no shipping or free, pay shipping.” Which I already know, I mean I know it’s just a drop shipping company. I know these things and yet it still gets me.

So okay, so now I’m just gonna make some assumptions here. I think you maybe unclip these, each of these right here like that and then somehow … Okay, so there’s four of them.

Oh my God, so ridiculous.

I mean, as far as secure, it feels pretty secure. So it’s pretty decent. The hair feels like Barbie hair. I don’t know what it’s made out of. I can you that I learned when I was a kid that Barbie’s hair is made out of plastic. I found that out the hard way because I decided I was gonna curl Barbie’s hair. At least I started in the front and then Barbie had bangs after that. There we go. Okay, so now we’ve got … So ridiculous.

I really have no idea what I’m doing here so this is just fun. And I just thought my friends would want to enjoy this with me, enjoy my ridiculousness of the stupid things that I buy and now I’m … This is basically me publicly shaming myself for the dumb things that I buy because of Facebook ads. Then later on in other episodes, of course we’re gonna talk about Facebook ads. It’s incredibly powerful and absolutely wonderful. It’s just that I do end up buying stuff like this. Yeah, ’cause I didn’t get any emails or anything telling me, “Oh hey, your extensions are on the way and here’s a video how to use them.” Oh no, I got nothing.

So this is apparently my first beauty tutorial. Yeah, because everybody wants to watch a 45 year old woman put in hair extensions.

Oh my God, wow. Wow. Well, you know, we could just go ahead and make this … Let’s just go ahead and make it interesting. I mean, I think that’s … Those are both pretty snug. So maybe in order to blend this, we just need to cut it. Let’s see, it needs to be lopped off to about, oh, like right there. Okay, let’s get my own hair out of the way here so I don’t end up cutting my own hair and let’s just see what happens. Okay, does that seem about right? Hey, look at there, alright. And now, that’s how much hair is left over. And, alright, now we got the other side to do. And what is … Let’s see, what did we decide? Sorry, I’m having to look at the monitor here to try to figure out where that’s at.

Okay, shake off my own hair and okay. Well, actually that might have been a little bit of my own hair in there but that’s alright. So now we’ve got all this extra hair I don’t know what the … It’s not even hair, I mean, it’s like plastic stuff. So now, okay. Alright, there we go. I’ve got my fabulous, shiny hair extensions that look oh-so-natural.

Anyway, the lesson for today is Facebook ads work. I didn’t plan this. I don’t think I even had a channel yet when I ordered these online but Facebook ads work and just proof. Proof right here of how Facebook ads work. So that’s all I’ve got for today and this has been kind of fun. This has been interesting if nothing else. Have a great day and talk to you soon.