How to Start a WordPress Site using Go Daddy and CPanel

Are you planning to start publishing a blog? Wondering what’s the best webhosting and domain sites to utilize among so many software available in the market? Starting a website on your own can be scary. So I thought I’d take away some of the fear by showing how to start a WordPress website.

Domain vs Hosting

It’s important to understand the difference between a domain and a host. Let me explain them to you further as I create a new website using GoDaddy, a domain provider and a host.

The domain is the name of your website and you buy this separately from hosting, hosting is where the files live. In this case, I’m buying the domain and doing the hosting in GoDaddy.

SSL Certificate

Once you have your domain and a host, next step is buying an SSL certificate. SSL is a little lock that you see at the very top of a website. While it used to be optional, it really isn’t anymore. 


Back in 2017, Google went through the SSL Apocalypse – that if your website didn’t have this little lock, it compromises your website security whenever your visitors do payment transactions. It was at that moment, people really went to having an SSL for their site. It’s like a little digital file that encrypts information that goes to the server. But a lot of people didn’t use an SSL if they didn’t have transactions going on. And that’s changed SSL, it has become the standard.

The Step by Step Guide

I created a video so I can easily show how I completed each fields and the next steps to take in order to get this WordPress site started. Watch it here.

GoDaddy team recommended their Managed WordPress service too. This provides an overall service including domain, hosting, and SSL. It’s more convenient as it lessens the hassle of making separate set up and charges between these services.

I hope this helps you with starting up your WordPress site. You can also check my blogs for other tools and apps that can be useful as you go a long to your blogging career.