How to Set up the Pivo Accessories

“Hey, Kate! Can you show us how you set up your Pivo accessories?” This is one of the common questions I got after I did my unboxing video of my kickstarter purchased. And that unboxing video was amazing! The package includes a lightbox and a turntable. I’m gonna show you how I put the system together and how it all works.

It was a struggle

To be honest, when I initially opened the box, I struggled hard on how to open the lightbox without breaking it. Because I felt like I’m gonna rip it apart even before I figure out how to make it work. And glad that I didn’t!

Let me show you how all these accessories work together with your Pivo and how you can use them to their best advantage. Watch the video below.

My opinion

I like each accessories included in the box, especially the inserts that are available in 3 different colors such as black, green, and white. They are generous in that matter so you could flexibly use them depends on your photo theme or purpose. In my case, I use the white for my background. 

This kickstarter product is very useful to those who have smaller items to take pictures of. It’s very convenient to move around the object using the turntable and its controller. It won’t be hassle to get the right angle of your object. This is cool! I think the Pivo itself will be handy when I go live and when am not in my office.

I’m very happy to try some kickstart projects even before they are completely available in the market. And if you’d like to see more unboxing videos of these new products subscribe to my newsletter by signing up below. In the meantime, I have other unboxing blogs of the new projects from kickstarter, check them here.

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