If you’re ready to master social media for your race team…

Social media is simply the best way to build a fan base today.  However, it can be tough to know what to say, when to say it, which social media platforms to use—it can all be overwhelming. In this post, I’m taking a look at Megan Meyer’s Driven by Social online training program.

Megan Meyer and Social Media

I met Megan Meyer a couple years ago. She’s a two time NHRA top alcohol dragster champion.  She and I have worked together on a couple of things. I really support other creators. And as part of that, I have a special bonus in her program.

Sponsorship Proposals

A big question I get a lot is whether I create sponsorship proposals. And, no, I don’t really do any 1-on-1 work with anybody. But I try to teach lots of people about things. So, I’ve included my Sponsorship Proposals Mini Course as a bonus in Megan’s Driven by Social program.

In case any of you don’t know, the business that I work in every single day is Crate insider.com, where I sell racecar parts. So that’s how I’ve learned a lot about social media and how to promote a business and a brand and getting all of those tools and skills. It is a little bit different when you’re promoting a personal brand, like being a racecar driver. But if there’s someone who’s really been the thick of all of that is definitely my friend Megan. So I really hope you check that out.

You have two different options to sign up. You can sign up for lifetime access to the course, or you can sign up for the VIP experience to get extra support.


The course itself is broken into 8 sections plus a bonus.

It starts with a welcome section that includes a PDF workbook and an introduction video.

Section 2 is about setting up your foundation.  One thing I’ve definitely tried to share knowledge on is setting up your racing pages for success. There’s so much to that. And she’s got a great section on this. And I love just the title of this section right here– That social media is your job as a racer.  I can’t agree with her more.

Section 3 includes some goal setting and application and action.

Section 4 is all about attracting followers. That’s really important. And, how do you pick the right platforms? You know, I have certain advice on that. I usually say, Well, for one, do the platforms you like, but also do the ones you’re you where your people are.

Section 5 is all about the content creation process.  She takes you through content creation and the process, photos, time management, content grid, Google Sheets, social media calendar, so you can really plan your content.

Next up in her section 6 is media assets, talking about filming and editing for YouTube, taking photos, getting photos from the track photographers, and any she even does an interview with Rick Belden photography. He does a lot of photography at drag strips. But he also he photographs ballerinas. It’s amazing. I love his Instagram feed, it’s really cool.

In section 7, we’ve got growing engagement, and how you can continue to get your audience to show up and like, comment or share and help you build your audience.

The reality of today is that, in order for you to get sponsors, the best way to get there is to have an audience. I always like to say, “what is it that you can do for a sponsor that they can’t do for themselves?”  Build your engaged audience to have something to offer that they don’t have. 

Section 9 is Analytics & analysis. It’s funny. Right before shooting the video and writing this post, I was having a conversation in my office and I just made a statement that we are blocking the whole day at the end of the quarter to analyze our social media numbers and sales.

Advice for Racers

To sum up, learning social media strategy is the pathway to success in business and in racing.  Megan Meyer’s Driven by Social is a solid program for racers.  I’d like to raise our whole grassroots racing industry to the next level.  I encourage you to join. 

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