Will Sponsors be Fleeing From Social Media

Will Sponsors be Fleeing From Social Media?

I was recently asked with all the things going on in social media right now, is it going to affect sponsors, and sponsorship? Will sponsors be fleeing from social media for new platforms?

My Viewpoint As A Sponsor

I don’t think that there’s going to be an effect. There are a lot of new social media platforms coming out in the world, but as a marketer and business owner there aren’t any new games in town other than Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Are the business going to still be on those platforms? Yes. Are the people still going to be there to watch your content? For now, yes. I wouldn’t let the other platforms be a worry, or concern.

Until It Changes

Change is inevitable and eventually there will be another social media platform that blows up, but until then stay put. I am always watching for the next big and new thing. But until it is large enough for my content to have an impact, I do not see a reason to jump ship. For now, do your best to keep building your audience, and show up!

What You Can Be Doing Now

The number one thing you can do is show up on Instagram, on Facebook, on YouTube. I strongly encourage you, as I always do, to start doing videos if you’re not doing them already. That is the biggest differentiator right now that I’m seeing for the racers who are successful in getting sponsors. There might be some successful racers, with sponsorship doing some other things. But the biggest differentiator I’m seeing right now is video. So keep doing that and keep showing up!

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