Tips for Restarting Your Social Media

Hey there racers, I have a question for you. Have you been struggling with staying consistent in posting to your social media, your website, and making videos? If so, you’re not alone! I am going to give you some tips on restarting.

It doesn’t just happen with racers, it happens with all of us. I want to give you some tips, and talk about why this happens, how it happens, what we can do about it, and how we can take those next steps. I’m going to be honest with you, I love new projects, absolutely love them. I love having startups, I love having all the brainstorm of the big ideas, and I love getting out there. But then it becomes more and more difficult to come up with new ideas.

Social Media

Let’s talk about how it happens with social media. A lot of times I think the number one reason we struggle with the consistency on social, is the interruptions. 2020 was a tough year, there was a lot of politics, there was social strife, and then we have race season. Then when the race season ends, you have got to change gears. So it’s like, what do I even post about? What do people want to even know? And then it’s really easy.

It can seem challenging because you start questioning, “Well, why do I even do this in the first place? Is it even worth it? I mean, like, 12 people are watching my videos. It’s like my grandma and her four friends.” That right there is what I call the messy middle. It is easy if you’ve got 10 to 20,000 people who are following you, and liking and sharing every post you put out there. But somewhere in the middle is just that growth stage, that is the tough stage. It’s the toughest part to go, you can probably get five subscribers or followers from wherever. Then you get a couple neighbors, a couple of friends, your cousin and your grandma, and they follow you. So then you get 5-20, you can probably even get up to 20 to 100. but then that 100 to 500 is a whole other deal. and then 500 to 1000.

How to Restart

Every one of these stages along the way, is very, very difficult. But I will say that it does get easier after you get a certain amount of growth into your channels. But what I want to talk about here is how to restart our channels, whether it’s on social or video, whatever your thing is. I knew when I was taking on a new project, something had to give. And for me that meant letting go of my personal projects for just a little bit while I took on being a trade show organizer.

Own It

It was four months before I sent another email to my audience, and that was really tough. I actually owned it, and sent an email with the subject line “I dropped the ball”. In the email I talked about the things that I’ve been doing, so that my audience wouldn’t feel like they weren’t important. I just owned it. So that is the first thing I did, just own it!

Find What Works

The next thing is, remember how fun this was when it was new. It’s really a great idea, and great opportunity to take a look at what types of posts have worked for you before? What What did your audience love? What did they not love? Once you find what they interacted with, do more of that.

Find Your Why

Take a hard good hard look at why you’re doing any of this in the first place. Look back, why was it that you wanted to start? And you might say to yourself, “I’m doing this social media stuff because I want to get sponsors”. Okay. let’s dig into that a little bit further. So you want sponsors, but why do you want sponsors? You may be thinking “I want to be able to have a cheaper way of racing”. But if you’re talking about having a more valuable racing experience for yourself, whether you want to elevate your program, or you want to have access to the newest, latest greatest products… that might be a reason to dig in to your why.


The biggest thing that I want you to takeaway from this, is that at the end of the day it’s not just about you, it’s about your audience. It’s about delivering value for them. You know I always think about it like this, if I have this secret that could really change someone else’s world and make it a better place for them, and I keep that to myself, how selfish am I for not sharing it?

Your message today, tomorrow, or next week, could be exactly the right thing that one of your viewers needed to hear. There might be racers who watch your videos talking about products, you may show them a product that they have been waiting for to come into their lives. Or maybe it’s one of your sponsors, and they’ve been waiting for the opportunity to work with a racer who really gets them, and shows them to a new market. It helps we have the mindset that it’s not just about us, that it’s about the greater good that we can do, not just for our immediate viewers, but for the racing industry at large.

Make a Plan

The next thing is to make a plan. To do that, don’t allow yourself excuses that really aren’t true. I could sit here and tell you that I don’t have time. Nobody has time, we only have time for the things that are important to us. And so if it is important to you, you will make it happen. If you really struggle with having blocks of time on a daily basis, believe me I get it. But could you walk around your shop today and maybe take five quick pictures? Then whenever you’re standing in line at the grocery store, you’re sitting on the toilet, or there are little pieces of downtime, could you go ahead and create a post? You can also create a post and schedule it for the future. Batching your activities is a good way to make it far more efficient.

I hope those are some helpful tips for you. If you have some other tips on how to get started again or restarted after a dead stop, drop them into the comments. Let’s help other racers and share this knowledge, so we can all make each other better.

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