Catchbox Review

A Microphone You Can Throw | Catchbox Review

Last year I filmed an entire instructional event…and there were issues. Not a lot of people would interact by asking questions, and when they did the sound was not recorded. We couldn’t just sling a microphone across the room, and waiting for one to be passed around would be timely.

Thankful for Conferences

Never thought you would hear that right? But I went to a conference a few months later, and I saw that they had these microphone cubes that they were throwing around. I had to do a little bit of research and found out they were called Catchboxes. So I went online, and I found that they’re a little more expensive than I thought. However, I could have them logoed with my companies names…so I bought two. I wasn’t sure if they were going to work, but put them to the test at a Racelogic Chassis School event.

How They Stacked Up

We got the Catchboxes hooked up easily and they definitely made things fun. These microphones have made such a positive difference in the event itself compared to last year! For instance, the engagement from the students were doubled from the previous year in the first day alone. They also made my editing process from the event so much easier! Having the sound is such a crucial part of recording this course for online users.


I have several microphones and editing software that helps me with sound. However, with these Catchboxes, I didn’t need anything extra. The sound was easy. It only broadcasts when someone is speaking into them. They did not pick up any sound from throwing them, or dropping them at all. These were a game changer for the live event, and for the editing process. I would definitely recommend these microphones!

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