Interview with A Rat On A Cheeto

Interview With Entrepreneur Kate Dillon – What’s She Doing Now?

My brother Jimmy and I have been busy planning a trade show called the CARS Racing Show. This week we put aside some time to sit down and give our insight about the show on video. Once we had finished, he told me to switch seats and just go with it. I have been known to chase my goals like “a rat on a Cheeto” by those closest to me, I love a good challenge. So when my brother Jimmy wanted to do an impromptu interview with a lightening round of questions, I was game! I had so much fun answering these questions, I hope you enjoy them too.


Jimmy: Kate Dillon is the is the owner of many things. She is obviously the owner of Crate Insider, Winning Motorsports Marketing. She also owns an Air B&B called the R-Town Retreat too. I didn’t even know what an Air B&B is. But she owns one, and it’s really successful. So she’s got her hands in many cookie jars, it’s very impressive as her brother to watch her be successful at doing these things. So we’re going to talk a little bit about that too. Tell us Kate, what drives you every day to get up and sit in front of your desk and do what you do.

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Kate: I love a challenge, and you know when you have an online business especially, there’s always something new, and something new to improve. I’m always thinking how can I get more clicks on my website, or is there a new way to do something, or a better way? So it’s really the continuous improvement of always wanting to be better. My phrase is “every day starts at zero”. So, I don’t ever want to end of day, being still zero. It’s a clean slate every single day, and I want to feel at the end of the day that I’ve accomplished something.

How Kate Got Her Nickname

Jimmy: She’s obviously very goal oriented. And so I’ll let you all in on a little secret and the fact that only the people who know us intimately know what I call her. And, and I mean this in the most loving way but she is like a “rat on a Cheeto.”

Kate: I’m competitive, our family is. We got a lot of that from dad being a racer. But what I will say is it’s not enough anymore for me to win. And I get more joy out of helping, I need to, I need to have more wins than just what I can do. I don’t do anything that actually earns me a trophy. So instead, I would rather channel my energy to helping other people win and the more winners that I can be a part of, I can feel like I’m a part of that.

Jimmy: What pets do you have?

Kate: I didn’t mean to have any, but I have two. They are both black cats. I have Boo Boo and Pippi.

What We Are Up To

Jimmy: So why am I here? What are we doing?

Kate: We are doing a trade show together, it’s really exciting that I can work with my brother. We are two sides of the same coin. We are so similar, but I love that we both have complementary skills. I have some skills, he has some other skills, and we bring those together and you know it’s the 1+1=3. We’re able to accomplish a lot more than either of us could, even if we doubled ourselves.

Jimmy: We have the same vision, but we go about it differently. So there’s some things that we’re really both good at, some things we’re maybe not so good…like she’s really organized. I try to be organized, but it just eludes me. I live by the fact that the success in life is built by Plan B. And so I mean that’s the way it has to be, you know, with eyes in front of our head and not on the back.

Why I Aim To Fail

Kate: Believe me, I am always moving forward. I learned from failures and I really do I believe in, fundamentally, failing almost on purpose. I mean, I want to work to fail. And then the reason I say that is because if I don’t fail, while I’m trying to do something, then I haven’t pushed myself enough. I love to compare it to going down a ski mountain, you know, especially as a a beginning skier.

The first time I fell like 100 times, you know just trying to go on the tow rope. And then by the second or third time I got it and I was mastering the bunny Hill and feeling good about myself. I wanted to have at least one epic crash, because if I didn’t have an epic crash, if I just mastered this mountain, or the bunny hill, how much was that going to actually make me a better skier?

Jimmy: I was going on about your websites, but you also have a college degree, tell everyone what its in.

Kate: Yeah, I have a degree in Interior design and sustainable development.

What People Don’t Know About Me

Jimmy: So what else can we talk about, what do other people not know about you?

Kate: People think I’m probably super outgoing. Truthfully, most of my life is really sitting behind a computer, I mean other than when I’m on video. I’m like an introvert and an extrovert, so I have no problem with just being on my own and chillin with my computer for days at a time, it doesn’t bother me at all.

Lightning Round

Jimmy: Okay, lightning round. What is your favorite color?

Kate: Orange

Jimmy: If you could buy any car, what would you buy?

Kate: Mustang

Jimmy: What kind? They are all different.

Kate: The kind with the dents in the side.

Jimmy: So like 66-71, I think. Okay, so if you could travel anywhere on vacation, where would you go?

Kate: Europe. I would love to see the rolling hills of Germany and Austria. I think it would be cool to see the UK, and Italy and Greece.

Jimmy: Alright, I cant think of anymore questions. Maybe your viewers will help me out and drop in some questions. What else should be added?

Kate: You didn’t ask me anything about marketing or sponsorship. That is where I’m always willing to try something new. I love helping the whole industry, because if we can get better at marketing there is so much opportunity. I see these giant opportunities out there that are not being not being taken advantage of and I would love to see our industry, keep moving forward and to continue to be better.

Jimmy: Well thank you guys, I just wanted to give everybody insight into the fabulous Kate Dillon. I don’t think I will ever sit in the interviewer chair again, but this has been fun.

After Thoughts

This interview was so much fun. Siblings really can be some of the best supporters, I know we are always there for each other. If you would like to look into my brothers’ business check him out on his Dirt Wrap website.

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