Best Time Of The Year To Seek Out Sponsorship

What Is The Best Time To Seek Out Sponsorship?

Today I am answering a question I was recently asked by a racer, “what is the best time of the year to seek out sponsorship?”.

When To Seek

This racer actually asked at a perfect time, because the end of year is the best time to be seeking out sponsorship. Although, it can vary from company to company. It depends on when the fiscal year for that company ends. Some companies are gearing up for the holiday season.

Why End of Year?

Most companies fiscal year ends at the end of the year, and they start over in January. So right now they are going over budgets. They may already have some drafts out there depending on how big the company is, but this is when they are putting them together.

Why This Also Helps You

This is also when I suggest getting your stuff together as a racer, as well. If you haven’t already performed at your last race, you probably will be by the end of the month, or early November. Now is the time you will be getting your car refurbished, or possibly building something for the new season.

It is also the time to go ahead and get your sponsorship proposals cleaned up and built too. That way when you land that sponsor, you can add them to your car while you’re in the upgrading process, and they can be represented on your car going into the new season.

If You Need Help

I hope this answer is helpful for you all. If you have any questions I would love to help find an answer for you. If you need help putting a proposal together, click here for some tips. For training on putting together a sponsorship proposal, check out Winning Motorsports Marking website.