Making A Stamp from Liquid Latex

Can You Make a Rubber Stamp With Liquid Latex?

We are going to attempt to make a rubber stamp out of latex. I used to be a big crafter and I just kind of got away from it when I started my entrepreneurial journey.

However, this is for a special occasion. There is no tutorial on this, so lets go through the process and see how it turns out.

Back Story

I had a cat named Ryoki for 19 and a half years. When I lost him, it was very devastating. After he passed, I took his pawprint and got a tattoo. I swore I would never have another cat again. But about 6 months later, Boo Boo came into my life. I started out fostering him for the Humane Society, but decided to keep him. He was a very sweet cat that loved to wander. It even got to the point where I put a tracking collar on him. His tracker showed that he would go anywhere from 2-5 miles a day! But several months ago on Thanksgiving, he went out outside to play and unfortunately, he didn’t come back.

One Thing He Left Behind

One thing I have had in my collection for a while, is a pawprint of Boo Boo’s. However, this is a different kind of pawprint. One day while doing my makeup, Boo Boo stepped right into a cream contour. It made a perfect imprint of his paw, and I have saved in ever since. Because he is so special to me, I am going to attempt to make a rubber stamp out of this imprint in makeup and get a tattoo of it. I have done some research, but unfortunately there is nothing online about making a stamp from a makeup impression. However, I do think I found something that could work.

Tools Used

For starters I have a bottle of Environ Molds. It’s the 407 formula, liquid latex. I believe this is normally made for making masks, or castings. I’m not sure how that is going to work, but it is all have, so I hope it does. I am going to use a pipette to drop the latex into the mold, and a small paint brush to spread it to all corners.

It Is Time

In my research I saw a lot of other people brushing the liquid on. However, the impression in the makeup is pretty shallow, and I think brushing the liquid on may disturb the original print. So I am just going to pipe the liquid in there brush it out a little, and let it dry. Now that the latex is in the mold, I am just going to tap the makeup pallet a little bit to settle the liquid in and let it sit.

How It Turned out

It still seemed a little bit squishy, but I let it sit overnight, so I thought it was time. I only had one shot at this, so I was worried about the risk of pulling it out. I grabbed some tweezers to pull the print up from the makeup and it worked! After rinsing off the makeup and drying the mold, I dipped it right into a stamp pad and onto an index card. It works beautifully! This is going to be perfect to use to get a tattoo in remembrance of Boo Boo.

Thank you for going along with me through this journey. I am so glad it worked! If you have any questions or comments, drop them into the comments. You can check out the story of my tattoo of Ryoki here.

To find the liquid latex used in the video click here.