Solgaard Carry On Closet Review

Unboxing the Solgaard Carry On Closet

Who doesn’t love a good suitcase? I recently decided it was time to throw out my old broken suitcase and replace it with something that seemed pretty cool, The Solgaard Carry On Closet Plus.

Is It Necessary

I broke my old suitcase back in 2019 and honestly just rolled with it. Of course 2020 wasn’t known for a lot of travel anyway. However, 2021 is already holding a good bit of traveling potential for me and my businesses. So that put me on the search for the best suitcase to fit my needs, and guys…I think I have found the one.

First Impressions

Upon opening the box for the new suit case, I realized it was wrapped in a canvas bag, which is a nice touch. I love that it is hard-shell, I need it to protect my belongings. On the outside we have some pretty cool features like a combination lock, and a USB port for charging your devices. It has four wheels, which I am usually against. However, these wheels turn in a way that when tilted and pulled by the handle, the wheels don’t get twisted around. It has a great ease of motion, so I am loving that.

Now To The Good Stuff

What really sold me on the Solgaard is the built in closet. Located inside this suitcase is a collapsible lightweight attachment that unfolds accordion style. This attachment velcros to the suitcase handle and expands to show several compartments for your items. I love the organization potential this creates. I have several trips coming up this month and I am so excited to see if this suitcase meets my expectations.

What do you think about the Solgaard Carry On Closet? Is it a bit much? Or do you think it will be as convenient as I think it will be?

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Update: While I was not an affiliate when I shot the video, I fell in love with the product and requested to be an affiliate. You can check out Solgaard products at my special link here. – Shop Our Top Selling Carry-On Closet Now!