Ongoing Sponsorship Opportunity for Racers from Let’s Race Magazine

Every racer wants to have sponsors who will be his resource in order to achieve his racing goals, on the other hand, sponsors have a target return on investment in exchange for sponsorships. However not all racers can quickly get their sponsors, some are really having a hard time getting even just a potential one. In this blog, I’m so excited to share that there’s a continuing sponsorship that’s open to every racer. This is such an amazing and big opportunity for all. Plus, the metrics in order to be chosen are clearly specified. Let’s discover and know this sponsorship opportunity from Let’s Race Magazine.

Why Let’s Race Magazine? Let’s Race Magazine covers different races there are on a track one of which is the car race. They promote racers, stories, and give sponsors exposures as best as they could. They have an ongoing sponsorship opportunity for racers where they choose one racer that outstands himself among others by following the specified metrics such as Best Presentation, Most Deserving, Most Compelling, and Most Creative.

When I first heard about this sponsorship opportunity, I wasn’t so sure about it. I was on a racers Facebook group when I found a post where it says about a potential sponsorship and in order to get further info, you need to comment or send him a message. Like why would I do that!? But still, I did, even if it’s a little sketchy. The next day, I got a very long message on my messenger. This message was from the Founder of Let’s Race Magazine, Dave Bowen.

Dave Bowen is a guy whom I have known for several years already. He’s a good man, has a good heart, and he wants to do so much for the racing industry. This is why he put up this racing sponsorship that would fairly choose a racer according to the effort he put on into this opportunity. Everyone deserves this but you can only get it if you really do something for it.

Ongoing Sponsorship

The sponsorship can be found on the Let’s Race Magazine website. Every racer can become part of this sponsorship where they will choose one racer at the end of the process. And in order to get spam entries, they’ll ask participating a racer to spend $25. Once they get 200 racers, they’ll collect a total of $5,000 that will be given to the winning driver. This may sound lottery, but it’s not, because racers will be judged according to the metrics of the contest.

Metric 1: Best Presentation

Creativity is key in this metric. The way you present your story, your team, yourself, your video, and everything. It’s important to be creative and catch your audience’s attention in this area to get a score. But this is just one of the four metrics, so do not dwell much time on this metric, the content is what matters the most.

Metric 2: Most Deserving

I’d be honest for this one, I don’t think this one is necessarily the best metric or the “best” wording. Though this metric pertains to how you share your story and encourage other racers. It should answer the question, how will you use your prize positively for the good of the world?

Metric 3: Most Compelling

Will your profile can easily captivate someone’s attention. It’s how powerful your message will impact the other racers as well as the sponsors watching out there.

Metric 4: Most Creative

If I will be participating in this, I’m gonna show my creativity using a video. It’s my favorite, it is where I do best. Use any platform or channel that you’re confident using. And you’ll surely outstand among the rest.

Isn’t worth it? If I am doing a race, I’d love to join this opportunity and give the best shot that I have! Share with us your thoughts about this sponsorship.

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