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Picking the Best Website for Your Business

I often see the question – “what’s the best website?” or “what kind of website should I have?” Some people expect to hear an answer. However, there are few more things that you have to identify before getting into the answer. In fact, the answer to this lies in what purpose your site will serve. In this blog, I break the different types down into ecommerce, courses, and blogs.

What are you trying to accomplish with your website?

Ecommerce – This is a website when you want to sell physical products online & needs to ship the items. There are different platforms for this purpose but in my case, I personally use BigCommerce. There are other entrepreneurs who choose to use Shopify. However, choosing between the two depends on particular circumstances.

Course – When your objective is to have an informational website & provides a course to your audience, Thinkific is my personal choice. It’s very easy to use and can load your course material really quick. I also tried using Kajabi, it’s an amazing platform. It covers all the bases from being able to email, having a blog, and down to having a course. It dials in with one big platform. And with that, its downside is having an expensive package that is too incovenient when you’re just starting.

Blog – We cannot deny how the platform that I’m gonna mention becomes the home of every blogger, WordPress. Obviously, I’m writing this blog using the said platform. This has a lot more flexibility among others and I like it. There are lot of functionalities that I conveniently experience as I use WordPress.

I didn’t perfectly start everything. I made a lot of mistakes as an entrepreneur, only because I didn’t ask questions. But most of the time it is also because you didn’t know the right questions to ask. And that’s where I really to help you this time. Comment down the questions you have for starting and choosing a website to use. You can also choose among my eCommerce blogs with some topics that you think could be useful for your start-up website.

I know there are a lot more platforms out there than what I’ve mentioned, but these are the ones I’m most familiar with. And I hope this is helpful and exposes you to a few different platforms that are available out there. What questions do you have about websites? Leave a comment.