Cherokee Speedway

Trip to Cherokee Speedway

Every year I spend time taking the VEDA challenge. This stands for Vlog Every Day in August, it was fun and entertaining. And I cannot forget the first time that I took the VEDA challenge in 2018. Now, this blog is about my Cherokee trip and I took a video of my little tour at the track as part of this year’s VEDA challenge. Let me take you on a little trip to Cherokee Speedway In Gaffney, South Carolina. Come along and check it out

As I walked around, it’s amazing to see a lot of people in the area as well as children. It looked like they are really have fun at the track. There are different food trucks that gave you several food choices to choose from. I loved my burger and fries, so tasty!

What I am excited about my trip was using my drone. I made sure to do some drone test flights before this. It was such a great view from above as I take a look at the video I shot using it. I just made sure to get a perfect spot to fly it. I’ll be looking for more opportunities to fly my drone next time.

I ended my day making new friends with the kids at the track. My Cherokee Speedway trip was such an amazing and unforgettable one. I hope you experience the same.

What do you look forward to when visiting a race track? Share it with us in the comment section.