tips for shooting a video

Tips For Setting Up a Video Shoot

It’s not always easy to remember #allthethings you need to do before hitting the record button. Most of us struggle to remember all that we have thought to say right before we start the video. I, myself, had a hard time especially when I was still new in shooting my videos. That’s why I gathered these tips that have helped me improve the way I managed myself in front of a camera. And I am happy to share these tips with you, so go ahead and continue to read. 

I made these tips particularly for those who are shooting inside a room, an office, or some other static locations. It’s a set up where you are being direct to camera and eyeing to deliver the best experience to your viewers.

Tip #1: Plan your video

This is the first and most important tip that I would like to share with everybody. It is important to sit down and plan your video. Get your pen and paper to write down what you will discuss. You may want to use a notebook and glance at it while you’re speaking or use a large board that you can set up with an easel. You can write some bullet points or a full script depends on what you are confident in doing.

Tip #2: Go on a tripod

Never try to hold your phone or have someone else to hold it while shooting cause it will never be steady. I started with a tripod to make sure that my video won’t be shaky and will remain steady. You can also try to lean your phone in a stable location. Try to invest in equipment that could help you with this area and there are a lot of options in the market that you can choose from.

Tip #3: Look at background

Whenever you choose a place where you’ll shoot your video always take a short clip of yourself to see what your background looks like. We don’t want to show our trash can or some random cords in your background cause it creates distractions too. Therefore, let your audience focus on what you’re saying by having a good background.

Tip #4: Check your sound

Sometimes your environment is where you have more control, therefore manage every single thing in your place especially the sound. There are some Youtubers who unplug their refrigerator because of the sound it makes when the vents are blowing. I’m glad that mine is in the room, however, I own a computer that is probably the loudest computer I’ve ever owned in my entire life. So I better turn it off if it is not necessary to have it opened. In this tip, take a look at leveling up your microphone. You can start with what you have such as the iPhone headphones cause they have a really nice microphone on them that would be pretty concentrated just to grab your voice.

Tip #5: Check your lighting

If there’s a chance, try to shoot in an area where the sun is coming cause natural light is the best. Make sure that you are facing the window so the light is facing you and we won’t have a dark and blurry environment. You can also use a lampshade or a ring light that have the light towards you. Be resourceful and start with whatever you have.

Tip #6: Look at lens

This is where most people fail when shooting a video, is by not looking at the camera lens. Most people tend to look at their screens. In my case, I always flip out the screen so I won’t be tempted to watch myself on the camera. Make it a habit to look at the lens and just check yourself on the screen once in a while to see if you’re still in frame or when you’re showing stuff to the camera. Whatever phone or camera you’re using, always remember to look at the lens.

Tip #7: Bring the energy

Speaking is one of the scariest things that people could do even when just shooting a video alone, especially when you’re just starting. You don’t want to fall flat. Therefore, the tip I can share with you here is to bring the energy. A lot of time, I try to concentrate on smiling cause it puts energy and joy into my voice. Another good thing about it, is you can have people set an expectation on how you are in person when they meet you.

Tip #8: Push record and go for it

Take time to practice as it will help you to get better on the camera. So do not hesitate and hit that record button to start your video shoot. I’ve also got some tips for getting over the fear of looking stupid on video.

I hope you find these tips helpful.  If there’s anything that you want to add to my list, feel free to drop a comment below. Plus, I have few more tips for shooting a video, check it here.