The Fortune is in the Follow Up

Today I’m talking about the acronym FIITFU, which stands for the Fortune Is In The Follow Up.  This applies to any type of sales, and especially when it comes to seeking sponsorship.

80% of sales are made between the 7th and 12th contact.  It’s unlikely that someone will say yes on the first try.

Being persistent shows a prospect how dedicated you are.  If you’re not persistent enough to get their business, why would they think you would be persistent enough to keep their business?

There are only 4 reasons to stop Following Up

  • They Die
  • If they go out of business
  • If they say NEVER
  • When they say YES

Getting over excuses

There are many common excuses.  Rather than accepting them, here are some ways to deal with them:

Excuse: “We’ll get back to you.”

Response: “That’s great.  I appreciate that. But, I know you’re a busy person, so if I don’t hear back from you in (number of days/by next Tuesday, etc.), I’ll follow up with you.”

Excuse: “I’m not the decision maker.”

Response: “Thank you for taking the time to talk with me.  Who would be the best person for me to talk to?”

Excuse: “It’s not in our budget.” -or- “We’ve already made our sponsorship decisions for the year.”

Response: “Is it okay if I stay in touch?” 

Taking the Next Step

It’s critical in the follow up process to do what you say you are going to do when you say you will do it.

Don’t give up!