Burromax Pit Bike

Shopping for a Pit Bike

Have you heard of the “coolest little bike in the world”? Ever wonder how it is built small but moves fast and can carry adults? I’m talking about the amazing Burromax Pit Bikes. How cool is that!

Here’s a little background story…

I was at ZMax driveway, walking around and talking to people around the drag strips. Then I came across these amazing little pit bikes that I know I will like. I always go to big races where there’s a ton of walking so I immediately check them to see what’s with these little bikes.

I spoke to Bill, grabbed him in front of my camera, and allowed me to test drive one of their pit bikes.

If you’re looking for a highspeed pit bike in 17Mph, they got their TT350 mini bike. They have bikes that are electric and lithium batteries powered. In fact, this can fit in a car or a trailer because they are small and lightweight (48 lbs). It’s super convenient and can be easily carried.

If you haven’t seen a pit bike before, you are going to love these! I sure love mine. I loved it so much that I became a dealer. Here are some links: Burromax InstagramBurromax Website¬†Burromax on Crate Insider (my company)

Watch my first ZMax Dragway quick tour.

Have you tried riding on a mini bike? Share with us your experience and pit bike photo!