yearly sponsorship goals

Sponsorship for Next Year

Have you thought about where you would like your race team to be in a year? What goals have you set? At some point in time, you’ll be asking yourself where you at a year ago versus today. And with this thought in mind, some people would make them feel to create their targets or goals for next year. In my case, as early as November I have already set my goals for next year whereas people will usually talk about this until January.

But why do I talk about next year’s goals as early as this month? Because November is the slowest time in the racing industry. This season is the best time to build racing cars or find a new product for better car performance. It could also be the best time to update your racing design wrap or fire suit and helmet. There are a lot of things that could be done within this season especially things to improve your marketing and sponsorship strategies.

Questions to think in gauging your goals:

  • Have you thought about where you would see yourself 1 year from today?
  • How much sponsorship do you see yourself having?
  • Are you doing the steps to move you to the next level?

It may look like that it’s going to be a big system and I don’t want to overwhelm you, so take one step at a time. Start off with one step, at some point you get better at it and you’ll understand the system thoroughly. So start thinking about where you see yourself in your race team or sponsorship one year from today. And if you need some help in jumping into this process of getting sponsored, I would like to help you. I’ve got students who did a great job with that.

These are just some of the basic things that I’d like you to think about cause I want to see you elevate. Here’s one of my sponsorship blogs on what to do during the end season. And if you’d like to learn more about sponsorship and take your team to the next level, join the SMART Racers program.