Interview with Top Alcohol Dragster Driver Megan Meyer

Go to them (sponsors) educated.. and solve the problems for them. And that’s just an immediate yes.

-Megan Meyer, 3-time Driver of the Year

I went to zMAX Dragway and get the chance to talk to Megan Meyer. Out of her busy schedule, we were able to discuss sponsorship topic as she competes in the NTK NHRA Nationals. We tackled this important topic that every racers need to know. 

Whenever you race, almost all the things happening in a racer has a few dollars behind, this speaks the reality. Megan has been very successful in getting sponsorship for her race car and we are pleased to hear from her on how to get sponsors especially to racers who are just getting started. 

Here’s some of the tips for getting sponsorship for the race car according to Megan:

  1. Make it all about the sponsor.
  2. Exposure and activation.
  3. Be consistent.
Make It All About The Sponsor

When you go to a sponsor it is important to know who they are, who they are trying to reach, and what type of problems they have. Make a thorough research. This way you are educated on things about your sponsors even before reaching them out. Make sure you know all your information and be consistent on your social media data. Statistics is your key.

Exposure and Activation

Megan’s strategy also includes activation ideas that could bring in her sponsors’ customers. One great example that she did for her sponsor’s customers was bringing them in the race track and made them experience how it feels inside a racing car. This gives them unforgettable experience and at the same time strengthens brand recognition.

Be Consistent

Be consistent with your email list. Keep your sponsors updated from what you’re up to. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why other sponsors won’t renew their sponsorship contracts because other racers will just fall off the face of the earth and never communicate after receiving the money. Make sure to build a good relationship with your sponsors.

Megan Meyer has been really creative on how she can make her sponsors benefit from sponsoring her racing career. She put a lot of effort to get and keep them. Megan is such an inspiration! You can visit her website at to know more about her.

These tips are just some of the basics that a racer must know about. Me and Megan have other video where we talked further about marketing and sponsorship for racers. Check Driven by Social with Megan Meyer.

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