Smart Smarter and Smartest Goals

If we can take a bigger goal and break it down into small, small parts, it makes each of those tasks much easier to take on and accomplish. Those little pieces of victory can take us to the next level.

Kate Dillon

There are times in my life where my goals go out the window. I didn’t notice that I am no longer pursuing my goal cause my goal itself is gone. For others, the goal could be gone because they get overwhelmed and it’s the reason why they can’t move to the next level. That’s why I’ve come up with something that has helped me get through this challenge. And it’s best to share it with you.

Let’s talk about smart, smarter, and smartest goals.


You may have heard SMART goals. SMART is an acronym and it stands for: specific, measurable, attainable relevant and time bound goals.

With SMART goals you really can quantify a goal rather than being nebulous by saying, “I want to lose weight”. Instead, a way to make that a SMART goal would be to say, “My goal is to lose two pounds a week”.


Rather than saying, “In this year I want to lose weight” that really doesn’t give you any action steps.


Another version of smart goals is the SMARTER goals, which have been served with Michael Hyatt. This stands for: specific, measurable, actionable,  risky, time bound, exciting, and relevant goals.

Specific and measurable, same from SMART model. Actionable is taking the action now. Risky is pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Time bound is to keep you motivated. Exciting is when the goal get you excited. Relevant, just as from SMART.

Both SMART and SMARTER models are wonderful though when the situation is tough it’s better to stick with being motivated.

That’s why I created the acronym SMARTEST goals.


SMARTEST stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time bound, easy step-by-step tasks goals.

These are the goals that I always consider working on. Because if we can take a bigger goal and we can break it down into smaller parts, it makes each of the tasks much easier to take on and accomplish. Those little pieces of victory can take us to the next level.

Everyone has goals and how and when to achieve those goals depend on why a person is pursuing it. Choose between SMART, SMARTER, and SMARTEST goals. I hope this helps you determine how you can progress on your goals. Make the smartest goals especially in rough times. On the other end of this, I’ll be looking back at smarter goals, but for now, I’m handling the smartest goals.