5 Tips for Shooting Video

Getting started with video can be tough.

Here are 5 Tips for getting started with shooting video.

1. Set up your framing. Center yourself within the frame and shoot based on the platform you are posting to. For instance, if you are posting your video to YouTube you will want to shoot horizontally.

2. Don’t talk down to your audience. Shooting from below can come out looking like you are talking down to your audience, and could be perceived as rude.

3. Be Prepared. You should have a plan in place no matter how confident you are with material. It helps to have a list of key points, or a transcript to go by.

4. Be Real. Being your authentic self is the best way to shoot video.

5. Look at the lens, and don’t forget to smile! Smiling will help you be more enthusiastic is your approach and will make a more enjoyable experience for your viewer.

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