Big deal

You’re a BIG DEAL!

There’s one piece that has absolutely changed my perspective on everything that I do. And that is that I’m a big deal.

– Kate Dillon

In this blog, I’m going to talk about something that has really changed my life. I was at the entrepreneur experience with Amy Porterfield where I learned a lot about being an entrepreneur and met amazing people. While listening to the program, there’s one piece that has absolutely changed my perspective on everything that I do. And that is that I’m a big deal. Let me share with you what this means to me because I want you to think that way too.

A lot of times in our businesses and our lives, we decide to play small. We really limit ourselves on what we can accomplish. Therefore, I want to introduce you to this whole concept of being a big deal to know how it can change your life. Here are the things that you have to do.

#1 Decide what would it mean for you to be a big deal.

In this aspect, you have to define something concrete on what it would mean for you to be a big deal, whether it’s in business or in your life. You should answer a question on how you would know that you’re a big deal.

#2 What are the 3 ways that you need to show up in order to be this person?

Think of the things that this person is doing whom you want to become. What are those three things that you need to do?

#3 Think About what holds you back

What are those items that are holding you back from stepping into being a big deal? Because it’s time to shed those thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back. A lot of times it’s the imposter syndrome, especially for entrepreneurs. It’s a way of thinking that you’re an imposter rather than being an expert. Even those seven-figure business owners still feel like they are an imposter. Get rid of this thinking by stepping into your own power.

#4 Believe and Believe Hard

Believe that you’ll become the person that you are thinking. Own it. Even when you wake up in the morning, look at the mirror and say, you’re a big deal. Write it on a post-it or in a sign until you internalize it to yourself.

With all these things that you have to do in order to become a “big deal”, start writing them down. Include even those negative thoughts in your head so you can confront them and start seeing your progress. Make an improvement even the smallest ones, until you show up entirely different. Learning this changed my life and my business. If you’d like to download the Big Deal worksheet, click here You deserve it! See how I applied this to myself too. Thank you for joining me on my entrepreneurial journey.

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