Websites for Racers | Why Your Race Team Needs a Website

As a dedicated marketer, I love helping entrepreneurs and racers to utilize and understand how great marketing is to a business and to a race team. With the videos, podcasts, and blogs that I’ve been doing, I have encountered common scenarios that are worth to be shared.

I got common answers when I ask people about having a website. One of which is labeling themselves with imposter syndrome. It’s the idea of a need to reach a certain pinnacle of anything in order to deserve a website. A lot of entrepreneurs struggle with it. But I’m going to tell you, it’s completely false. A lot of people out there have websites, just for fun, even if they don’t reach a certain pinnacle of anything. I, myself, started with a personal travel blog just because I simply wanted to play with how a website works.

If you are a racer, you have to have a website..

Don’t doubt yourself of not worth having a website or thinking that there’s no reason to have one. If you are a racer, you have already earned the right to own a website. Even if it’s just your first day or have a few years of being a race car driver, start your website.

Benefits of a Website for a Race Team

You Own Your Audience

Your website is the “center”. Your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Youtube data shall all lead to your website. We do not own the audience we get from these different social media platforms. There are times that Facebook or Instagram is down and during these times we don’t have access to tap our audience. Imagine how inconvenient it is when you have something important to do for your race team and your audience. This instance is totally opposite when you own a website, you have full control of your audience.

Easy Access of Your Information

Having a website can give your audience or sponsors easy access to see your information. This is the total opposite of relying on social media platforms. It’s hard to look for videos posted 2 months ago when you have to scroll a Facebook page all the way down. Whereas on the website, you can check details like this by setting up a tab.

Authenticity of Your Image as a Racer

Your website shows how you value your sponsors and how much you value racing as an actual business. It’s your sponsors’ means to see their own stuff. Your audience and sponsors would know how serious you are about your race team.

Platform to Start an Email List

There is no better way to talk to your audience than having an email list. And there’s no better platform for building an email list than a website. This is a 100% fact! Once you have your audience on your Facebook or any other social media platforms, make sure you bring them to your website and add them to your email list.

When I was also starting I also didn’t know where and how to start. If you’re struggling the same way, here are the options that can really help you to begin building your website.

MSR Mafia – My friend, Ben Shelton, from MSR Mafia offers a variety of services including website design and maintenance. Ben is a racing announcer on top of his MSR Mafia business. Check their website for more details:

Race Page Pro by David Chambers – There is a lot of website software out there that you can choose from. But Race Page Pro is surely the perfect choice for you. Why? This website is solely dedicated to racers. It perfectly fits what a race team needs for a website. Here’s their website for more info:

Check these amazing teams and be sure to tell them that Kate from Winning Motorsports Marketing sent you.

I hope this helps you understand why being a racer needs to have a website. If you have additional suggestions of what other benefits a racer could get for having a website, write them in the comment section below.