Tips for Using Facebook Live to Promote Your Race Team

Everyone knows that I am a huge fan and proponent of video. I’ve been doing videos for several years already cause I believe video is going to be a good channel to create content, promote, and make money. My idea was also built up when I read the YouTube Secrets book by Sean Cannell and Benji Travis. But there’s a bigger reason why I created this blog. I’d like to share how a racer can maximize Facebook Live when promoting a race team.

Recorded Video vs Facebook Live

Facebook has been a great channel to communicate with everyone. One thing I like about this platform is my ability to use video for my content and being able to communicate to my audience at the same time. This is possible because of Facebook Live. Facebook Live lets you livestream events, performances, and gatherings using the Facebook app. It greatly helps a lot of businesses, content creators, or I should say, whoever uses it.

Before we dig deep into this tool, let’s identify first the pros and cons when you record a video and do Facebook Live.

Facebook Live – Pros: (1) You can interact with your audience and (2) no need to spend huge time editing. Cons: You cannot polish things out.

Recorded Video -Pros: (1) It can be polished based on your creativity. Cons: (1) Video editing is resource-consuming and (2) it sometimes can make you conscious or feel nervous.

Each of these tools has its own pros and cons. Despite that, I still use both of them depending on my purpose and content. With recorded video, I keep it 3 to 6 minutes long while Facebook live is a bit longer. We want to make sure that we create video and content that will keep your audience’s interest. We don’t want them to sit around and watch boring stuff, so here are some of the actionable tips when just getting started with doing Facebook Live.

Tips to start a Facebook Live

  1. If you’re using a phone, make sure you that your screen is clean so as your lenses. This way, it will be easier for you to see your screen and you will be seen clearly.
  2. Video orientation depends on the purpose and the platform:
    1. Horizontal – mostly when you use your rear camera, for Youtube platform, and Facebook Live
    2. Vertical – when you use front camera, for Snapchats, Instagram stories, Facebook MyDay
  3. Have a plan before going live – you can use a cheat sheet to write down your key points
  4. Do it using your race team Facebook page – you can create an event and share it using your personal profile to promote and remind your audience. If you don’t have yet a Facebook page for your race team, here’s how to get started.
  5. Check your lighting – if you’re in a shop or a house, make sure you have enough light. You can use a flashlight and have someone shine the light for you. Or have a selfie ring light.
  6. Just get started. Don’t wait for viewers when you go live because: (1) the people who are already watching your live may feel they are not important, (2) Facebook Live doesn’t create FOMO because people can rewatch what they missed in the video. You can repeat things if you think a lot of viewers has just joined in the middle of your stream.

Keep Promoting!

Remember not to be afraid to start things out. In the end, we all learn from things we’ve done wrong for the first, second, third, or even more than a hundred times as long as you’re aiming to improve it’s okay to go back and re-do. Don’t be afraid to try new things for your team. I hope these tips will give you ideas of how to start using Facebook Live for your race team. Keep promoting!

How to download your Facebook Live video


Do you do Facebook Live?  Why or why not? Comment your answer below.