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7 Things To Do Now to Promote Your Race Team

We are in a different time right now in the Racing world. Some races are still on with fans, and others are racer and team only. These online based tips are an effective way to promote your race team either way.

  1. Post Your Race Time and Location on Social Media
    Fans can’t follow you if you don’t lead them. Keep them updated when events are canceled, and if plans change. If the track creates an event on social media, share that as well.
  2. Make A Post While At The Event
    Whether it be Instagram stories, Facebook stories, or even a picture. Show them that you are there, let them see the fun and excitement.
  3. Share Something After The Race
    Regardless of how your night went, a bad night of racing is better than none at all. Share with them your wins and failures. Your fans will appreciate you being real.
  4. Tag Sponsors and Manufactures
    This is important! Something like taking a picture of the front drive on your engine, and expressing how much you like it can get you noticed. Those manufactures may even share your post, giving your team more exposure.
  5. Product Reviews
    Doing product reviews and tagging the manufactures is also a great way for them and other sponsors to notice you.
  6. Get Yourself A GoPro
    This one is fun. Buying a GoPro and installing it inside your car is an awesome way to gain exposure. In car camera footage lets your fans see racing from your point of view, as well as share in the excitement.
  7. Be Interviewed
    This tip is my favorite. Racer interviews are a WIN/WIN! Interviews give you the chance to be seen and share your story, as well as highlighting sponsors and manufacturers.

So there you have it, 7 ways to promote your race team now!
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Let’s go promote!