Ask Me Anything | Race Team Marketing and Sponsorship 5-21-19

In this Ask Me Anything, I’m Live to Answer Questions about Racing Marketing and Sponsorship. 

Here are some time stamps to the questions addressed in this episode: 

0:33  I need help.  This is my first race car. 

7:05 What topics or content should we keep on your race page to keep viewers engaged? What is the suggested amount of times per day/week should we provide content? I don’t want to over or under engage? 

19:47 What are some absolute things you should never put on your page or website. 

25:52  In your opinion What is a good starting amount $$ to ask a sponsor? 

28:33 Is it acceptable to email a potential sponsor or best to do it in person? 

We even touch on the James Charles and Tati drama as an example of what not to do if you have a sponsor.

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